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Under Cuomo’s Direction, New York State Launches Pro-Abortion Referral Site

On August 7, 2018, Gov. Cuomo announced the launch of a new state-funded website that provides referrals to abortion clinics.

According to the Governor, the website is part of a “public awareness campaign to connect women to comprehensive, confidential and medically accurate reproductive health care services. The campaign will include subway ads and information translated into multiple languages to ensure women have appropriate access to all reproductive health options, including family planning, prenatal care and abortion.”

In his typical heavy-handed, bullying fashion, Gov. Cuomo claimed that the new campaign was made necessary by the supposedly “false,” “misleading,” and “insidious” practices of pro-life pregnancy centers. The Governor contends that “may interfere with New Yorkers’ constitutionally protected rights to seek reproductive health care and may endanger them by preventing them from receiving medically accurate information.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Our governor—the very same governor who praises Planned Parenthood, supports late-term abortion, and wants to allow non-physicians to perform abortions—claims that pregnancy centers jeopardize women’s health.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms challenges Gov. Cuomo to back up his supposed concern about providing women with accurate health information by supporting informed consent bills. Informed consent legislation requires abortionists to give women accurate information about the grisly procedures performed in their clinics. Bills A.5374-DiPietro, A.5384-DiPietro, and A.5637-Curran would be a good place to start.