Endorsement Requests

New York State MapNew York's only statewide evangelical Christian PAC, invites all New York candidates seeking election to the US Senate, US Congress, statewide office, State Senate or State Assembly to complete and return NYCFPAC's candidate questionnaire.

Requests should originate from the candidate's official email address.

NYCFPAC decisions concerning endorsements, grassroots support and social media marketing strategies will be made upon receipt of a completed questionnaire. The items in the questionnaire relate to four broad subject areas: protecting human life, promoting strong families, preserving religious liberty, and proclaiming justice and mercy.

Each completed questionnaire will be retained on file for future reference and will not be publicly released by NYCFPAC unless a candidate either (a) casts a vote in a manner contrary to a position indicated on that candidate's questionnaire; or (b) takes a public position contrary to a position indicated on that candidate's questionnaire.

Candidate Questionnaire Request