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His numbers are falling, but who is still supporting this governor?

If you believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo when he says that he's not punishing the Working Families Party for endorsing Cynthia Nixon for Governor, we've got some oceanfront property for you in Oklahoma.

At least he's mentioning God, though. That's a start.

Leaders of The Conservative Party of New York State have endorsed Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro for Governor of New York.

Actions have consequences.

One month after "his former top aide was convicted of bribery and facing a spirited primary challenge, Cuomo's popularity has plummeted, a Siena College poll Tuesday found."

"Cuomo's favorability rating fell to 49 percent positive and 44 percent negative this month, matching his lowest rating as governor..."

"Cynthia Nixon won the support of the Working Families Party on Saturday, giving her campaign a boost in its bid to beat incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo."

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's longtime affinity for the pro-communist Sandinistas has been well-known for quite some time. Based on his re-election last year, it appears that two-thirds of New York City voters have no problem with it.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC shared a link.

With the balance of power in the New York State Senate on the line, the Republican and Democrat candidates in this April 24 Special Election offer two very different views of Andrew Cuomo's New York.