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"Candidates for governor and critics of his economic development programs are seizing on the second "Buffalo Billion" bid-rigging trial that began Monday in Manhattan, calling for campaign finance reform and increased oversight over the state's economic development programs."


Might not be a bad idea...

"FBI agents are actively investigating Crystal Run Healthcare, a Hudson Valley company whose officials have made $400,000 in political donations to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Times Union has learned."

"The agents are being assisted by personnel from the Orange County district attorney's office, and have sought information about the political donations to Cuomo as well as $25 million in grants awarded to the company by the state Department of Health."

Game-changer: Former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, a Democrat, has launched a campaign for Governor of New York. Miner intends to run on a new third-party ballot line.

"Jury selection in ​the upcoming 'Buffalo Billion' bid-rigging trial revealed some serious skepticism toward Albany politicians on Monday, including a man who said he didn’t know if he could be a fair juror because he’s 'not a fan' of Gov. Andrew Cuomo."


Here's what Gov. Andrew Cuomo had to say yesterday at a Democratic fundraiser on Long Island:

"'[Republicans] have brought an extreme conservative ideology that we’ve never seen before. What they are saying in essence is, what we believe, what our religion teaches us, our view of how you should live, our view of sexuality, it’s not just our view – it’s that we want to mandate and legislate through the federal government and make sure everybody lives that way.'"


"Republican candidate for governor Marc Molinaro on Thursday said he would oppose a push to expand abortion rights in New York, but insisted he would not seek to roll-back its current status in New York."

"Former president Bill Clinton addressed his scandal with Monica Lewinsky on Monday... 'I felt terrible then and I came to grips with it,' responded Clinton when asked whether his views of the controversy had changed in the wake of #MeToo’s social upheavals. 'Nobody believes I got out of that for free. I left the White House $16 million in debt.'"

Poor baby.