Proclaiming Justice and MercyNYCF PAC advocates freedom and justice for those who experience oppression. NYCF PAC also supports the bedrock American principle of equality of opportunity. Thus, NYCF PAC supports educational choice, urban renewal efforts that result in empowerment rather than dependency, stronger penalties to deter crime, enhanced efforts to crack down on human trafficking, and real reform of a political process that currently enables corruption. NYCF PAC opposes state-sponsored predatory gambling, special legal protections based on the amorphous categories of sexual orientation and gender identity, and policies that encourage or reward illegal immigration.

What Would A Senate Democratic Majority Leader Mean For Social Issues?

Recently, it was reported that the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC)—which has been in existence in the New York State Senate since 2011—was reuniting with the rest of the Senate Democratic Conference. Thus far, it appears that the reunification is taking effect. For Democrats, reunification is not the goal; it is merely a step toward the goal. The…

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NY Gubernatorial Update: Nixon Challenges Cuomo

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC  has previously reported on the potential for a big-name Democratic primary challenger to Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his bid for re-election this year. That potential has now become a reality. On Monday, March 19, actress and activist Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy for Governor of New York. Nixon, 51, is a…

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Percoco, Close Advisor To Cuomo, Convicted

On March 13, 2018, a federal jury convicted Joe Percoco—a former close advisor of Gov. Andrew Cuomo—of three felonies: “[Conspiracy] to commit honest-services fraud, conspiracy to commit honest-services wire fraud, and solicitation of bribes and gratuities.” The federal government had charged Percoco with accepting $300,000 in bribes. Specifically, evidence revealed that Percoco secured a lucrative “low-show” job for his…

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Trial Pulls Back Curtain On Cuomo’s Inner Circle

The ongoing federal corruption trial of former Cuomo right-hand man Joe Percoco has pulled back the curtain on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inner circle. Evidence presented at trial revealed that Percoco left his state position for eight months in 2014 to help run the Governor’s re-election campaign. However, according to, Percoco continued to work out…

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List Of Gubernatorial Candidates Continues To Grow

Since last month, the race for Governor of New York has completely changed. On the Republican side, Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro—who had flirted with the idea of a run but decided against it several weeks ago—has reconsidered. Apparently, a campaign by some Republican New York assemblymembers and others to encourage Molinaro to run for…

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