Proclaiming Justice and MercyNYCF PAC advocates freedom and justice for those who experience oppression. NYCF PAC also supports the bedrock American principle of equality of opportunity. Thus, NYCF PAC supports educational choice, urban renewal efforts that result in empowerment rather than dependency, stronger penalties to deter crime, enhanced efforts to crack down on human trafficking, and real reform of a political process that currently enables corruption. NYCF PAC opposes state-sponsored predatory gambling, special legal protections based on the amorphous categories of sexual orientation and gender identity, and policies that encourage or reward illegal immigration.

NYCFPAC Previews The Fall Elections

This fall, New York voters will have important choices to make at the polls. Voters will elect candidates to the four statewide elected offices: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller. Candidates are elected to these offices for four-year terms, and elections are held in even-numbered years that are not presidential election years. Also, voters…

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New York’s Gubernatorial Race Ramping Up

The race for who will serve as New York’s next governor is just getting started. On the Democratic side, two-term incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the prohibitive favorite to receive the Democratic nomination. To date, former State Sen. Terry Gipson remains the only Democratic challenger, although actress Cynthia Nixon has not ruled out a primary…

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Cuomo’s Lackluster Address Identifies Problems, Proposes Few Solutions

On Wednesday, January 3, 2018, Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his eighth State of the State Address. As usual, the Address laid out the Governor’s goals and priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Gov. Cuomo organized his speech around three sets of challenges: Old challenges, such as racism and sexism; new challenges, such as terrorism and…

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NYCFPAC-Endorsed Andy Goodell Appointed As GOP’s Assembly Floor Leader

State of Politics reports: Republican Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb on Thursday [December 21, 2017] tapped Assemblyman Andy Goodell (R-Jamestown) to become the conference’s minority leader pro tempore, making him the GOP’s floor leader. “I am proud to announce the appointment of Assemblyman Andy Goodell as our new Minority Leader Pro Tempore,” Kolb said in…

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Joel Giambra Has Disqualified Himself From Running for Governor as a Republican

Since NYCFPAC released its analysis of New York’s 2018 gubernatorial election and the prospects of the potential gubernatorial hopefuls in both major parties, another Republican has expressed interest in entering the race. That Republican is Joel Giambra of Buffalo. Here’s what Christians and conservatives in New York should know about Giambra: He served as Erie…

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